Math Lab workshop at Acharya Maha Pragya High school

We at Innosquare Creation provide Mathematics lab tools which will help the student to understand and visualize the concepts. Our wide range of mathematics laboratory kits are tested on various parameters to ensure their adherence with global standards. It enables the teacher to determine, explain and reinforce abstract mathematical ideas by using concrete objects, models charts, graphs, pictures, posters and students can easily learn mathematics with the help of concrete objects and to exhibit the relatedness of mathematics with everyday life and also helps the students to verify or find some geometric properties using models & measurements.

Innosquare Creation is happy to conduct a workshop in Acharya Maha Pragya High school which saw the presence of Mr. Varun Ranjan (Technical Head of Innosquare creation), Mr. Rahul Kumar (Business Head of Innosquare creation), Mr. Brajesh B. (Business Development Manager of Innosquare creation) and Mr. Rahul Kumar(Guest) along with Principal, Teachers and beloved students of Acharya Maha Pragya High school.

We at Innosquare Creation are supplying high-quality Mathematics lab tools to the various schools, colleges, universities, research labs and educational institutes in Bangalore at the most reasonable prices.